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Hey y'all! Welcome to Vella iLab Lash Academy. Since opening our doors in 2018, we have always been committed to empowering our clients. Now, we are excited to do the same for all of our students. I have complete confidence that you will leave this course feeling confident about everything that you have learned!


I have structured this course so you leave not only understanding lash extensions, but I will share all of my knowledge with you that will be needed for you to have a smooth lashing day and a successful career in this industry. I will cover everything from the moment the client walks in the door, until the moment they leave. Yes! Consultation and all. We believe a good consultation is fundamental to having a happy client and healthy, long lasting lash extensions. The course is three days long, with a maximum class size of three students, and it is 90% hands on. We will assign homework assignments, so know that the more effort you put into the course, the more you will get out of it. The course manual will be mailed to you in advance. You are expected to read it and learn as much as you can before your first class. The first thing we will do on your first day is take a test. This is just an assessment to determine what you understood from reading the manual, and what we need to spend a little more time going over in class. 

This lash course is for beginners. You will learn how to properly apply classic lash extensions, as well as the fundamentals of lash extensions. You can then use the information given in our beginners course as a building block if you choose to continue on and learn volume extensions. You must pass a written and hands-on exam before receiving your certificate for this course. 

The market size for lash extensions was 1.36 billion in 2020 and it is projected to be at 2.31 billion by 2028. Growing at a CARG of 6.95% from 2021 to 2028. With that being said, what better time than now? Take the leap, it is the perfect time to get into the industry!

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