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All Full Set Include Aftercare Kit

Lash Shampoo, Cleasing Bursh and Two Spoolie Brushes



One lash extension is applied to each natural lash. This is perfect for clients that have a good amount of natural lashes and are happy the way they look with mascara. We can add a little length with a touch of volume and say goodbye to the  lash curler because your they will have the perfect curl.

  • Full Set $200

  • two Hours Twenty Minutes 

  • Two Week Fill $85

  • Three Week Fill $95​
  • ​One Hour Half​




2-5 thinner lash extensions per natural lash. This will make your lashes fuller, fluffy and it will darken your lash line. 

  • Full Set $200

  • Three hours​ Twenty minutes

  • Two Week Fill $85​

  • Three Week Fill $95

  • Two hours​



A mix of classic and volume.

  • Full Set $200

  • Two Hours Fifty Minutes​

  • Two Week Fill $85​

  • Three Week Fill $90

  • ​Two Hours



Sparse lashes? Problem mixed. We are able to safely attach up to 12 lashes per natural lash with the lightest and thinnest lashes extensions in the market. Also used to create the dramatic and fluffy style.

  • Full Set $200

  • Three Hours Thirty Minutes​

  • Two Week FIll $85​

  • Three Week Fill $95 

  • Two hours​



Yumi lash lift is a keratin based lash treatment. Is a groundbreaking technique formulated in france. It's is hypoallergenic, vegan, ammonia free,  paraben free formula and its rated number one worldwide. Yumi is very different from other lash lift and lash perm treatments which involve using an alkaline solution to curl your lashes. Yumi lash lift keeps your lashes curled for 8-12 weeks. This service includes a lash tint that makes you look like you have mascara on. For more definition apply mascara! (this is the only lash service you can still wear mascara with)

Lash Lift+Tint $150

1 hour 45 minutes 

Lash Tint $30

30 minutes

Bottom Lash Tint $10

30 minutes

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Our main goal is keeping your natural lashes healthy. As long as your previous lash artist did a good job applying your lash extensions, I will be happy to touch them up.  If the extensions are not applied correctly, removing them is the first step. Not removing them would compromise your natural lash health.

How will a bad application of lash extensions damage your natural lashes?

It's important to avoid lashes from sticking together. Every lash is in its own growth pattern. When they are glued together one will start pulling the other until it come out. Eventually you will damage the hair follicle. The length of your lash extensions should be determined by the length of your natural lashes. Adding too much weight to your natural lash can also cause damage.  

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